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If you enjoyed my DIY post that transformed an old photo frame into a decoration for your tiny space, then you are going to find inspiration from todays post we all! I am collaborating with my dear friend Alexandria from the blog Old Things Made New. If you haven’t heard of Alex’s blog, it’s a great resource for budget-friendly individuals who want to decorate their home with elements of their own personal style.

Alex has posted about topics ranging from how to paint a pair of jeans to tips on how to cross stitch your favorite sweater, but today I wanted to highlight a couple of her posts that anyone with hopes to decorate their tiny space on a tight budget might enjoy.

First, you should read Alex’s post on redoing an old wardrobe that can be useful when recycling any old piece of furniture. After acquiring her grandmother’s old wardrobe, Alex decided to repurpose it to best fit her own personal taste and style. With a couple of easy steps and some fun new knobs, Alex transformed her grandmother’s wardrobe into an accent piece that fits better with her own personal style.

If you have any old furniture lying around, or if you find a good deal on some furniture at your local thrift store, I would highly recommend repurposing them to make a simple and cheap DIY that will help make your small space feel more like a home.

Image via Old Things Made New

Additionally, Alex also has a very helpful post that outlines useful questions you should ask when buying antique items from your local thrift shop. When looking for new pieces to repurpose or when looking for cheap decorations, you should keep in mind the quality, price, and condition of the item. Alex does a great job outlining the exact questions and concerns you should consider when buying a new thrift store item to ensure that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Overall, Old Things Made New is a great blog for those on a budget who want to decorate their small spaces with style. Not only does Alex do an excellent job writing a variety of posts for thrift store aficionados, but she makes her articles understandable for novices as well.

I hope that you can find inspiration from Old Things Made New to help you decorate your small space while remaining frugal and incorporating fun elements that remind you of home. Leave a comment down below with your favorite post from Alex’s blog!



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