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Hosting an Excellent Dinner Party

Entertaining friends for a birthday or holiday party can be stressful. But today on Home in a Shoebox, I am going to be helping you host a successful dinner party in your small space. Here are some of my favorite dinner party tips:

Purchasing budget-friendly food and decorations: You can host a great dinner party without breaking the bank. Some budget places to shop for the food and decorations include Costco, Trader Joe’s, HomeGoods, and Target. If you happen to live next to a Flying Tiger, they have the best affordable decorations that are both seasonal and classic. Trader Joe’s also has great appetizer options that you can serve that require no preparation, such as their edamame.

Don’t skip the appetizers: It is unlikely for guests to arrive all at once, so you should have finger food to serve for guests to eat while waiting for the main course. Some excellent appetizer options include dips, salads, and cheese and fruit platters. The rule of thumb with appetizers is that if you are going to have 10 guests, you should try to serve 3 appetizers.

Prepare some food in advance: It’s okay for guests to be waiting for dinner when they arrive, but they shouldn’t need to wait too long. A good plan would be to have your main course ready in advance so that you can merely preheat it when all the guests have arrived. What are some great food options to serve as main courses at a dinner party? Some excellent food options that you can make allergy-friendly include soups, burgers, and Mexican tacos.

Consider your seating: If you have a tiny space, you want to ensure that guests will be comfortable when they arrive and have somewhere to enjoy their meal. Make sure that you have adequate seating to accommodate your guest list. When seating is limited, layout pillows on the floor and have an Asian style dinner.

Some other important tips:

  • Buy flowers for the table
  • Create a playlist to have on as background music
  • Serve a dessert option

I hope that you got some tips on how to host an excellent dinner party. Let me know your favorite dinner party advice in the comments below!

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Happy hosting!



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